Who Is The Top SEO Agency In Perth?

When the question “Who is the best SEO agency in Perth?” is asked, doubtless there will be many SEO agencies in Perth who will lay claim to that title. The problem for many of them is that they are unable to back up their claim with consistent results, a plethora of delighted clients, a stellar track record, and a history of ranking websites in all business niches at the top of the rankings on Google.

However, there is one SEO agency that can tick all of those boxes and that is SEO Perth Experts. As such, they can rightly be regarded as the best SEO agency in Perth, WA, and further to that, they have all the evidence which proves it. Before we see that evidence, let us look at who is behind SEO Perth Experts, and how they have taken them to the top of the SEO agency league in Perth.

 One Man’s Intention To Make His SEO Agency  #1 In Perth…And Beyond

SEO Perth Experts began life over 20 years ago when digital marketing and SEO expert, Peter Brittain, founded his first SEO agency in his home city of Perth, WA. From its humble beginnings in a single office, Peter has grown his company for the past two decades and he is now the owner and managing director of a digital marketing agency that operates across Australia.

That marketing agency is called Slinky Digital Agency, and such as been its success, the knowledge and experience which SEO Perth Experts has, now extends to affiliated agencies in locations across Australia such as Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Expansion like this does not happen by accident and it is through the hard work and dedication of Peter and his colleagues at SEO Perth Experts that has allowed Slinky Digital to expand so successfully.

Peter Brittain has never lost sight of the success SEO Perth Experts has achieved and its journey to becoming the number one SEO agency in Perth. He intends to ensure that every team becomes the top SEO and digital marketing agency in their city by following the same successful strategies his Perth team has.

Success Founded Upon Sound And Ethical Principles

As with anything that requires skill and knowledge, SEO can be done the right way and the wrong way. It can also be done in an underhanded way too. This is the practice of trying to trick Google into giving a website a ranking it does not merit. This tactic is still attempted today but Google is wise to them all, and this is why you will never see or hear of anyone at SEO Perth Experts stooping to use them.

Peter has instilled in everyone who works with and for him at SEO Perth Experts that the only way to achieve sustainable results for their clients is to follow sound, proven, and ethical SEO strategies. These are the SEO strategies that see their client websites rise from page 7 to page 1 of Google’s search results and see traffic levels rise by as much as 400% higher than before SEO Perth Excerpts started working on a client’s website.

Compare that success with agencies and consultants who seek shortcuts, take no pride in what they do, and care little for their clients. They might be able to gain some rankings, but these do not last for long and worse, it can often see a client’s website penalised by Google and as a result, it is pushed down the rankings to obscurity. The results that SEO Perth Experts achieve are solid, ethical, and most importantly, they last, and thus benefit their clients over the long term.

A Brief Summary Of SEO Perth Experts Services

To achieve SEO success, especially when seeking to rank clients’ websites requires a team. Within the team at SEO Perth Experts, the following skills enable it to offer a complete and bespoke SEO strategy for all its clients.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Content Writing
  • On-site SEO – This includes content optimisation, metadata optimisation, internal linking
  • Off-site SEO – This includes social media content and management, backlinking, content writing
  • Analysis And Reporting

Within each of these areas, SEO Perth Experts have experienced and skilled professionals each working to ensure that what they do adds fully to the overall objective of the team, which is to get their client’s website to the first page on Google and ultimately to the top rankings on that page.

One further service which SEO Perth Expert’s clients are especially grateful for is the provision of a dedicated SEO manager. This is a senior SEO professional who coordinates the client’s entire campaign ensuring it is on track and meeting its agreed objectives at all times. It also means that wherever the client needs an update they get it from a single person rather than them having to speak to multiple people.

Ultimate Proof – Results, Case Studies And Testimonials

Being the #1 SEO agency in Perth is not something which is achieved without also achieving results for what ultimately become satisfied and long-term clients. Here are just a few examples from a wide array of companies that operate in a variety of business sectors.

  • From zero to over 4000 keywords ranked for a liquor merchant in just 12 months which saw its website traffic increase by 2700%.
  • A link building strategy for a stock market forum saw them dominate search engines and become the #1 destination for stock market investment clients.
  • A travel company rose from nowhere in the search engines to the top of page one within a highly competitive niche.
  • A ten-year client has seen their website traffic increase by 150% which is why they most likely gave this testimonial…” Both our websites now easily outrank all their respective competitors in both of their ultra-competitive industry sectors. Thanks again”.
  • A drug rehabilitation centre is the #1 ranked website in their location and has seen traffic rise in that same time by over 210%. They say about SEO Perth Experts, “As soon as we got them on-board, they turned our website ranking around”.
  • Peter’s team managed to increase a dental clinic’s website visitors by over 195%. They say, “Since we started with Peter we have seen wonderful results for our SEO ranking and our website. He is honest, quick, and able to achieve things no other company had. We would highly recommend him!”

If you visit the SEO Perth Experts website you will see that Peter Brittain and his team have numerous results and case studies similar to those above and multiple testimonials from satisfied clients. That is something that only the top SEO agency in Perth can achieve.