7 Step SEO Checklist For Small Businesses

To generate more traffic to their website, it should be the goal of every small business to have SEO implemented, usually with the assistance of SEO experts. Whilst SEO agencies will charge a fee, the return on that investment is usually multiplied several times once the search engine traffic starts flowing due to higher rankings, and that traffic converts to paying customers.

However, not all small businesses have the funds available to employ an SEO agency, so what are they to do? First, we suggest they speak to an SEO agency regardless, as many of them have payment options that are affordable for most small businesses. Second, if paying instalments is still not an option for you, you can carry out several core SEO tasks by following this simple 7-step checklist.

Set Up Your Goggle Analytics And Google Search Console Accounts: Many in SEO regard Google as “the enemy” but it is not, and in truth, Google does offer some fantastic SEO tools for businesses, which you should sign up for. The first is Google Analytics, which gives you information and data on how visitors interact with your website. The second, Google Search Console, lets you troubleshoot your presence and rankings on Google’s search engine.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing: For local businesses, especially those with a physical location, it is essential that you claim your Google My Business listing. This is a tool that enhances your profile on Google allowing you to provide details and information about your business such as an address, telephone number, opening times, and your location on a local map.

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