Tiger Woods – does his image taint his advertising sponsors?

Everyone has been reading about the extracurricular activities of Tiger Woods lately, one of his advertisers has pulled a product line with his name on it, others have stopped all current advertising campaigns with Tiger Woods. If they were to use Tiger Woods in their current advertising, does that mean that they support or approve/endorse of his conduct? If they continue on sponsoring him, does that mean that they pretend that it never happened?

In the end, in my opinion, this will blow over and this will be forgotten. Tiger Woods may be the greatest golfer of all times. As long as he will eventually be able to go back to the golf circuit and continue winning, he will continue to draw crowds. In reality, are the golf fanatics really concerned about his indiscretions of his personal life. Up until recently, no one knew very much about his personal life.

He kept that very private and we now know why. If his personal life did not matter before, will it matter in the future? Yes, it will come out that there are many people involved, yes, that will affect his ability to be a public figure in the short term but eventually, this will all be available for the public to scrutinize, then what. The public will go back to admire his golf talents and will not care about his personal life again.

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