16 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Lorem Ipsum generator:
Lorem Ipsum generator is a fun extension that generates random text. As the chrome page says, it uses less code and minimal work to do that and is so much better than other applications that do the same.

Ibrii is an extension that is useful in capturing snippets of pictures or videos and posting them anywhere from twitter to facebook.

Site Geo IP Locator:
Site Geo IP Locator is a great application for SEO research, this extension shows the IP address of the website you are browsing.

SEO Quake:
SEO Quake is an extension that displays the page rank and Alexa rank of the website you are currently browsing.

Domain Availability Checker:
Domain Availability Checker is an extension allows you to check the availability of a domain name from your very own toolbar. Saves much time.

WebEdit is an extension that makes any web page you open editable. You can do any kind of change to it but it is not permanent, nevertheless, it’s still a fun extension.

Chrome Flags:
Chrome Flags is an extension displays the flag of the country the website you are currently browsing, is based at.

Picnik extension:
Picnik , one of the most popular image sharing and editing tool is available as a chrome extension. A must see.

Speed tracer:
Speed tracer is an extension that traces the instrumentations in your browser as you browse a website and helps you fix problems with it.

Resolution test:
Resolution test is an extension that allows web developers to test a website in different resolutions to see the one which is ideal for them or define a new one of their own.

Last Pass is an application for everyone which securely stores your password and remembers your forms filled.

Fastest Chrome is an extension which allows you to browse chrome at much faster speed.

Web developer:
Web developer is a tool you can install on chrome which is the official tool for all web developer extensions on Firefox. Pretty handy when you are a web developer.

Session manager:
Session manager is a chrome application that allows you to save all the open session on your tabs. A very useful one for people who love opening too many tabs.

TooManyTabs is a fun and useful application that smartly manages all your tabs when you have many open and places them in an ordered manner so that you can see them and not get confused all the time.

Eye dropper:
The eye Dropper is an extension that allows you to pick colors from any website or your personal history and use it in your designing expeditions.