5 Website Types With Very Different Purposes And Costs

If you spend any time browsing the internet will be aware of the huge level of diversity of websites. Bear in mind each one has been created for a single business, organisation, or person, and many of the features relating to its functioning and its appearance will have been included to suit their needs.

Whilst the diversity we have just mentioned has to be welcomed, it is not without its downsides for some people. By that, we mean those who know they need a new website but are somewhat overwhelmed by the vast number of different ones to choose from. Thankfully, the choice they have to make is not as difficult as it might first appear.

Whilst there is an infinite of website designs that a web designer can create, the choice is easier because the number of types of websites is quite limited. Obviously, there still needs to be decisions about the layout, styling, content, and functions to name but four but as for the type of website there is arguably no more than twenty.

To help anyone who is still unsure what type of website they need, we are going to briefly outline just five of them, but rest assured these account for the vast majority of websites online and there is a good chance that one of them will be suitable, especially if your website is for business purposes.

eCommerce Website: These are websites that sell products directly online. Within them, there will be individual product pages, and these will be divided into product categories. eCommerce websites will have functionality that allows for payments to be taken securely via debit or credit or other payment processors such as PayPal. Costs will be driven by the size and functionality but for a decent one, prices will start around $5,000.

Single/Landing Page Website: Although the most basic of websites, their ability to help create and sustain a small business should not be underestimated. In most cases, their primary purpose is to get visitors to enter the business’s sales funnel by taking action. This usually means them entering their email address or phone so the business can communicate with them or complete a more comprehensive form where they enter their requirements. Cost = $1,000+

Local Business Website: The website most local consumers will come across is this one. Used by local businesses to build their brand, they also provide information, offer advice, build relationships with potential customers, and in some cases, showcase the business’s success. Usually, with a dozen or more pages, these websites will also provide the means for visitors to contact the company. For a professionally designed business website, the cost starts around $4,000 to $5,000.

Portfolio Website: Classed as a business website, these are used mainly by individual entrepreneurs who wish to showcase their products and their skills. The majority of these products will tend to be artistic or involve the person using their skills to create products. Examples will include artwork, written work such as books and poetry, crafts such as carvings, and bespoke fashion designs. The estimated cost is $3,000+

Blog Website: The simplest of websites that usually have content relating to a specific subject or niche. They can be used simply for someone to gain notice within their field, but invariably a blog is also the hub of the individual’s business, selling either their own products or as an affiliate selling other business’ products. Cost starts at $1,000.