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Behind the doors of, you will find a creative team capable of delivering timely, effective, intelligent strategy, with an eye on the future. We are a full-service advertising agency handling accounts in Key West, South Florida, Asheville North Carolina, New York and the Hamptons. Each account is managed individually, based on their product and market. Our experience in strategic planning allows us to anticipate the future needs of each account. From local and national print to radio, television and web site design, at CMA/ we produce quality product and help decide the right medium for every client.

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From the right line of copy or a well-composed press release to a beautifully composed print ad with the correct message, CMA creatively tells the story of each account. This all starts with the best possible team for each campaign. Whether you need an ad, brochures, a company jingle, tag line or complete marketing package, expert talent will manage your account. We will ask the proper questions and in return you will get honest answers. We’ll work within your budget and achieve your goals.