The Top 12 Free Open-Sourced Platforms for E-commerce

This is absolutely free under General Public License, is extremely easy to install and run but vastly popular as well. It powers more than 200,000 online stores, which makes it difficult to separate out your store from others. To differentiate yourself, you need to install multiple add-ons available, which however are not free.

Boasting of a top client list including Samsung, Nespresso and Stussy that use this software for powering online stores, this platform is growing very fast. Though the Community Edition is free, the multiple features loaded Enterprise edition has to be paid for.

Spree Commerce
This platform enables you to have your store customised to differentiate yourself from competitors and provides support to 50 plus payment gateways, thereby saving effort and time of merchants.

Helps creating unlimited categories, selling unlimited products, accepting multiple currencies with choice of 8 shipping and 20 payment methods. Being user-friendly and having SEO ensures top listing in Google.

Designed for working with Joomla, this cart has the ability to make customers instantly comfortable. Having 2.5 million users till date, most have been satisfied about its performance.

A powerful e-commerce solution that is easily downloadable, installed and used for free. The additional support that it provides is to sent all payments made by y our customers directly into your desired bank accounts.

An attractive and user-friendly interface is offered by Zeuscart. Designed for medium and small level businesses, customers have the advantage of using the URLs that are SEO-friendly.

This has been specifically designed to cater to those people who sell file downloads, event registrations and passes and the likes. For it to function properly, integration with Drupal is a must.

Zen Cart
Easy in installing, customizing and managing, this is designed for people who want a simple e-commerce platform to operate on. Loads of features have been made available however multiple add-ons clutter the user interface.

Another simple e-commerce platform with speedy checkouts and pop-up windows for customer support, this helps automatically create accounts for the customers, once they place orders.

Tomato Cart
This is considered the new generation of e-commerce solutions and has made use of modern and sophisticated web technologies like Rich Internet Application and Ajax. Interaction on the web thus becomes more efficient and faster.

Simple Cart js
This no longer is compatible to PayPal and has started with Google Checkout. It is fast and simple in usage and totally customizable. The display carts can be arranged exactly in accordance with your wishes.