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10 Investment Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

One thing often associated with entrepreneurs is that they are not averse to taking the occasional risk or two, with their attitude being that, over time, the wins will outweigh the losses. Risk also plays a part in investment planning, and as all financial planners who are honest with you will tell you,  there is some level of risk that the value could go down in every investment. Thankfully, with effective investment planning and professional financial planners advising you, your experience should be one of rising investment values rather than diminishing ones. That brings us to the question of what investments you will make. When discussing investments with your financial planner, you will soon discover several ways to invest money, and the characteristics of each one vary. Some investments are incredibly high risk; others have minimal risk. Some are complex; others are simple. Some offer high returns, others steady growth. As you can imagine, with all those variations, investment planning means making several decisions. To get you started toward making some choices, we have listed ten investment options that many entrepreneurs have opted for. Not all of them may be recommended by your financial or investment planner, and the returns and risks vary greatly, so make your choices wisely. Savings Accounts: One of the more straightforward and very low-risk options where you deposit your cash in a high-interest savings account or term account, and your balance increases due to compound interest being applied over time.
Google's E-A-T Guidelines

Why Law Firms Must Focus On Google’s E-A-T Guidelines As Part Of Their SEO Campaign

If you follow marketing to any degree, especially as it applies to your law firm, you will know SEO is an oft-used abbreviation for search engine optimisation, which is the process by which businesses seek to have their websites rank higher in Google and other search engines than they already do.

Here, we are going to introduce another three-letter term, and it is one that you should take notice of because it comes from the search engine whose policies and algorithms dictate the vast majority of website rankings, Google. Those three letters are E, A, and T and they come together as E-A-T. Before you ask, it has nothing to do with food but instead is a key aspect of Google’s views on what the content on websites should demonstrate if they wish to be ranked well.

Let us start by explaining what each of the letters in E-A-T stands for.

E stands for Expertise.

A stands for  Authoritativeness

T stands for Trustworthiness

At first glance, you might be thinking that these are three traits that you would want most people to have, and you are correct. However, just as they might be seen as positive attributes of an individual, they are also regarded by Google as desirable attributes in website content, which is why they must be considered carefully by any lawyer who wishes their content to help their website rank highly on Google.

To that end, our first recommendation is an obvious one and that is you must include E-A-T as part of your content creation within your SEO campaign. However, to do so you must first know what each term means in the eyes of Google, and how you can illustrate that your content is worthy of those descriptions, which is what we are about to explain.

Who Is The Top SEO Agency In Perth?

When the question “Who is the best SEO agency in Perth?” is asked, doubtless there will be many SEO agencies in Perth who will lay claim to that title. The problem for many of them is that they are unable to back up their claim with consistent results, a plethora of delighted clients, a stellar track record, and a history of ranking websites in all business niches at the top of the rankings on Google.

However, there is one SEO agency that can tick all of those boxes and that is SEO Perth Experts. As such, they can rightly be regarded as the best SEO agency in Perth, WA, and further to that, they have all the evidence which proves it. Before we see that evidence, let us look at who is behind SEO Perth Experts, and how they have taken them to the top of the SEO agency league in Perth.

 One Man’s Intention To Make His SEO Agency  #1 In Perth…And Beyond

SEO Perth Experts began life over 20 years ago when digital marketing and SEO expert, Peter Brittain, founded his first SEO agency in his home city of Perth, WA. From its humble beginnings in a single office, Peter has grown his company for the past two decades and he is now the owner and managing director of a digital marketing agency that operates across Australia.

That marketing agency is called Slinky Digital Agency, and such as been its success, the knowledge and experience which SEO Perth Experts has, now extends to affiliated agencies in locations across Australia such as Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Expansion like this does not happen by accident and it is through the hard work and dedication of Peter and his colleagues at SEO Perth Experts that has allowed Slinky Digital to expand so successfully.

7 Step SEO Checklist For Small Businesses

To generate more traffic to their website, it should be the goal of every small business to have SEO implemented, usually with the assistance of SEO experts. Whilst SEO agencies will charge a fee, the return on that investment is usually multiplied several times once the search engine traffic starts flowing due to higher rankings, and that traffic converts to paying customers.

However, not all small businesses have the funds available to employ an SEO agency, so what are they to do? First, we suggest they speak to an SEO agency regardless, as many of them have payment options that are affordable for most small businesses. Second, if paying instalments is still not an option for you, you can carry out several core SEO tasks by following this simple 7-step checklist.

Set Up Your Goggle Analytics And Google Search Console Accounts: Many in SEO regard Google as “the enemy” but it is not, and in truth, Google does offer some fantastic SEO tools for businesses, which you should sign up for. The first is Google Analytics, which gives you information and data on how visitors interact with your website. The second, Google Search Console, lets you troubleshoot your presence and rankings on Google’s search engine.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing: For local businesses, especially those with a physical location, it is essential that you claim your Google My Business listing. This is a tool that enhances your profile on Google allowing you to provide details and information about your business such as an address, telephone number, opening times, and your location on a local map.

7 Steps To Increasing How Much Your YouTube Videos Support Your SEO

Anyone who has used the internet over the past 20 years or so will have seen huge changes and advancements in what it offers and what can be done using it. If you were to survey a cross-section of those people and ask them what was their favourite advancement there will undoubtedly be a range of answers. For some, it will be social media, for others it will be the apps that can be used, and we are sure many will also state that it is the increased use of video.

In the early days, videos were basic, took an age to upload, and if you were watching one online slow internet speeds meant half the time you were watching a rotating circle as the video buffered. Moving forward to today and the technological advances both in video software and broadband speeds mean we can watch live sports, enjoy movies without any buffering, and just about anyone who has a mobile phone can create videos.

Another huge development has been the rise of YouTube to become the second most visited website on the internet after Google. Given that Google owns YouTube it also creates opportunities to use video as a marketing tool. Specifically, using video for SEO purposes gives you another means of generating traffic to your website and increasing your rankings.

However, making random videos on your mobile and uploading them is not going to be the answer. Instead, you need to create your videos with a purpose and a plan in mind. You also need to optimise those videos so that they bolster your SEO. Below we have outlined seven steps you can take to achieve that aim.

Start With Effective Keyword Research: As with most actions relating to SEO, we start with keyword research. Knowing what keywords you want to rank for and how severe the competition is will help you identify those keywords that you should be targeting with your videos.

Analyse Your Competitions’ Videos: Whilst we would never advocate copying your competitors’ videos, there is nothing to stop you from taking what features are already working for them and emulating them within your videos.

What Is SSL?

In these times of heightened concerns relating to online security and the nefarious activities of online hackers, it is hopefully reassuring to know that there is a multitude of ways in which your website and its data can be protected. However, how people interact with the internet and specifically with websites, also means that ordinary people have concerns about the security of their personal data.

This has led us to a situation, and rightly so, that the majority of website owners are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that hackers have a much more difficult task in attacking their websites and trying to obtain data for criminal use.

One of the ways in which these precautions against hacking have improved is via a security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer which you are more likely to see abbreviated to SSL. Primarily, SSL’s function is to protect the data which is travelling between the user’s browser and the server the website is hosted on.

SSL creates protection by encrypting the data whilst it is en route between the server and the browser. With that in mind, it beholds us to ensure that you understand that means that data stored on the server is not protected by SSL. The best analogy we can think of is someone driving their car from their home to their office. Whilst in transit they and their car would be protected but neither their home nor office is.

How Does SSL Protect Internet Users?

The basis of how SSL works is relatively simple to understand especially in how it protects data from hackers. Imagine landing on an e-commerce website and deciding to make a purchase using your credit card. If a hacker has managed to install data reading software on that website’s server without being detected, they would be able to obtain your data and presumably use it to make purchases with your credit card.

5 Website Types With Very Different Purposes And Costs

If you spend any time browsing the internet will be aware of the huge level of diversity of websites. Bear in mind each one has been created for a single business, organisation, or person, and many of the features relating to its functioning and its appearance will have been included to suit their needs.

Whilst the diversity we have just mentioned has to be welcomed, it is not without its downsides for some people. By that, we mean those who know they need a new website but are somewhat overwhelmed by the vast number of different ones to choose from. Thankfully, the choice they have to make is not as difficult as it might first appear.

Whilst there is an infinite of website designs that a web designer can create, the choice is easier because the number of types of websites is quite limited. Obviously, there still needs to be decisions about the layout, styling, content, and functions to name but four but as for the type of website there is arguably no more than twenty.

To help anyone who is still unsure what type of website they need, we are going to briefly outline just five of them, but rest assured these account for the vast majority of websites online and there is a good chance that one of them will be suitable, especially if your website is for business purposes.

eCommerce Website: These are websites that sell products directly online. Within them, there will be individual product pages, and these will be divided into product categories. eCommerce websites will have functionality that allows for payments to be taken securely via debit or credit or other payment processors such as PayPal. Costs will be driven by the size and functionality but for a decent one, prices will start around $5,000.

Three Questions Your Cabinet Making Business’s Sales Copy Must Address

Within your website and any other online location where your cabinet making business has a presence, there will be many words that are written with the intention of influencing someone to take actions moving them closer to becoming one of your paying customers. This point is emphasised by the digital marketing specialists who rightly advise that no business exists without clients and customers being persuaded to say ‘Yes’, at least once, even if you are the best of Perth cabinet makers.

That ‘Yes’ is not always going to be one relating to the final decision to buy. Moving someone from being a visitor to your website, to them giving you their credit card details, will entail them going through a sales funnel which has several steps. Each step moves them further away from being a website visitor to a paying customer, and at each one that person will have been persuaded to make a positive decision.

The most common means of influencing those decisions in your business’s favour is copywriting. This is the words a person reads or hears, and which produce emotions,  spark their interest, their desire and ultimately their absolute belief that they want to buy whatever the words have been written about.

Copywriting is an art, and skilled copywriters are highly paid, for it is they who are able to create the words which provide a business with a steady stream of prospects and customers. Before they can write any sales copy, three critical question must be answered. Without the answers to these questions it is impossible for them to even start. Here are those questions, and if you require copywriting for your cabinet making business, you must be able to answer them.

The Many Benefits Of Implementing An SEO Program Online

An SEO program is a form of marketing that optimizes your web page to get more hits from users that browse search engines. There are millions of web users that search for things on search engines, ranging from health care to lawn services to dining establishments. With an SEO program you will increase your page ranking, meaning that when people search for your kinds of products or services they will have a better chance of seeing your site.

You can find an SEO program very quickly on the web from a reputable search engine optimization firm. These firms specialize in optimizing their clients’ web pages so that they receive more views than their competition. There are several benefits to using an SEO program that you receive from these firms.

For one, SEO does not require any active maintenance. The SEO firm that you deal with will handle everything that is involved in the creation and upkeep of your SEO program, SEO tactics, SEO support forums, and more. If you have any questions about what they are doing, they will be able to answer these questions for you in a way that clearly explains what is going on and how their services are helping you.


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